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Cuenca Condos Rental & Property Management Agency

It is exciting to plan and take the first steps of becoming an Expat, and Cuenca is a terrific destination to start your “Expat Adventure” To help you get the most out of our website, we ask that you carefully read the following.

So that we may provide our qualified clients with the best service possible, we have established a clearly defined and easy-to-navigate system that will alert us to your needs,while making you feel comfortably informed along the way.

Your First Step: Please read the below material carefully. It outlines our system and explains what we can and cannot do when assisting you in the transition to your new life. (We ask that you understand we do not respond personally to questions covered below.)

How to use our website:

We do not remove or add listings based on availability. Instead, we keep these properties live so you can use them as an index of properties and values available in Cuenca. These properties and others will be featured in our newsletter as soon as they become available. When you communicate with us, please do reference a property number (CR#XXXX) in you communications. This will help us pinpoint the type of property you need.

Common Questions:

When should I contact Cuenca Condos about renting a property?

We are currently set up to work with people who are within 30 to 60 days of a desired lease start date. We ask that you adhere to this guideline, as your needs may change. Also, this is a volatile rental market, and it is not possible for us to project availabilities over a larger time frame. If you do submit a survey far in advance of our cutoff dates, please note that we will ask you to submit an updated survey closer to your arrival in Cuenca.

In rare circumstances, we may have rental details on specific properties available before the 30 to 60-day window. Updated information for these rentals will be published in the Cuenca Condo Newsletter When completing the online Survey, you are welcome to reference the property in the notes section at the end.

Can I meet you at your office?

Unfortunately, no. We work in the field as we can't help our clients while sitting in an office. Once you become a client, however, we will pick you up or meet you at an agreed-upon location.

How can I contact Cuenca Condos?

If you are within 30 to 60 days of your desired lease start date, you may submit a rental survey to be approved for a consultation. Please read all instructions carefully to ensure your survey is reviewed. If you meet the criteria, you will be contacted by our office manager to discuss how to proceed.

Also note that you will need a local Ecuadorian cell phone to complete the rental search process.

What information can you tell me about transportation to Cuenca, flights, flower markets, etc.?

These questions are beyond the scope of our services. We can respond only to real estate-related inquiries and are happy to do so.

What payment do I have to make to sign a lease?

Upon signing the lease, you must pay the First and Last months' rent, plus a Deposit, on all multi-month contracts.

We have a lot of information on our blog. Also, a quick Google search on "Cuenca, Ecuador" will offer you more than you ever thought you might want to know about Cuenca.

Finally, when doing your research and making your evaluations, we recommend that you pay particular attention to the blogs written by real people who CURRENTLY are living in Cuenca.
Desde el año 2009 la demanda para nueva tipo de agencia de arriendos alcanzaba nuevas cotas y de pronto era demasiada fuerte ignorar. Muchos inquilinos ecuatorianos y extranjeros buscaban para una agencia de arriendos que sea profesional, competente y con dedicación exclusiva. Cuenca Condos fue empezado para ayudar a personas que comparten esos deseos a encontrar los buenos arriendos que necesitan en precios económicos.

Creemos que nuestros clientes merecen encontrar el arriendo de sus sueños sin tener miedo de pagar demasiado dinero. Nos esforzamos negociar los mejores precios para nuestros clientes y al contrario que otros tenemos la experiencia, habilidades y deseo de cuidar tus intereses.

Cuenca Condos es la agencia que los ecuatorianos y la gente que habla ingles tratan de encontrar porque de sus precios justos y su equipo bilingüe. Este nos pone el la posición única proveer servicios valiosos a nuestros clientes efectivamente y con la integridad que demanden. Somos orgullosos en nuestras habilidades poder ofrecer algunos de los mejores arriendos en la ciudad y creemos que vas a ver que son apropiadamente apreciados por sus ubicaciones y ventajas.