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Rental Demand Continues in Cuenca

Wow. . . This last month has been a bit of a shock to us. We have been busier than expected and even as the show birds head north, rental demand remains hot. We have had record numbers of requests from both new and repeat clients needing our real estate services. While we are not able to take on every client that contacts us (more on that below), we are still helping many people into some of the city’s highest-quality homes.

Our focus on quality helps us shorten the apartment hunt for the clients we are able to help. Finding quality rentals is still possible but even more than in the past, good properties move quickly. It’s the duds that linger, and many people we have spoken to recently know this first hand. Caught in the part time realtor trap, they’ve been shown dozens of sub-par properties. We spoke to a couple the other day who had visited 22(!) unacceptable properties, partially because some realtors will gladly show you properties day in and day out for $10 per hour with no concern about ever finding you the right place. It’s fine if you want a budget real estate tour but awful if you are serious about finding a rental.


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Life In Cash Based Cuenca

One of the more unique daily challenges that our clients face when coming to live in Cuenca is adjusting to life in a cash based society. Most of North America and Europe is a plastic payment society. If you want something, you swipe your card. If you’re old fashioned, you write a check.

In Cuenca, you pay cash.

To be fair, there are a number of restaurants and businesses that take credit cards. Unfortunately, many of them charge an extra fee for this service – it could be anywhere from 3% to 8% of the total bill. This is in addition to any foreign transaction fees that your credit company may be charging you. The net result can be an extra $15 to $25 in fees for every $100 you put on your credit card in Cuenca.


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