Cuenca Condos Expands with new Cuencana Partner

In our last newsletter, Cuenca Condos announced that Carmen Rodriguez recently joined the Cuenca Condos team and how pleased the company is to have her on board. For those of you who don’t know her yet, here is a little more about Carmen.

Carmen’s Background:

Carmen Rodriguez de Ugalde was born and raised in Cuenca, Ecuador. When she was a college exchange student, Carmen traveled to the U.S., where she studied English and learned about U.S. culture for the first time. She then returned to Ecuador to complete her university education, bringing with her a new perspective.

Upon graduation, Carmen began her business career in banking and finance. For eleven years, she administered the operation of the trading floor where she monitored corporate and banking negotiations. (Carmen’s experience as a negotiator, and her ability to mediate agreements between property owners and potential renters and buyers helps the company continue its commitment to provide quality well-priced properties for its clients).

After eleven years, and wanting a change of pace, Carmen launched her own tourist industry business. During these years, her interest in real estate took root. Her tourism clients increasingly were asking her about properties, both rentals and for sale, and they wanted Carmen to assist them. The people she helped were so impressed with her that many of them pushed her to work in real estate full time.

Finally, after ten years in tourism, Carmen made the leap, dedicating herself to her new profession — Realtor. She studied real estate at the University of Azuay and obtained a professional Realtor license.

Carmen and Cuenca Condos:

When Carmen began her real estate career about three and a half years ago, Cuenca Condos was a young company and, in some ways, Carmen and the company grew up together. Those of us in the company met Carmen and became friends. Along the way, we collaborated on rentals when it was appropriate, sharing ideas and knowledge — good experiences and warnings alike.

The current partnership has been a long time in the making and is something that has been discussed many times over the years. And now the time is right. Carmen’s ideals coincide with Cuenca Condos’ business standards and practices, which have made the company the most trusted agency in Cuenca. Carmen values her integrity and totally commits her skill and expertise to her clients — because she truly cares about their needs.

Best Regards,

Cuenca Condos Staff

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