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Beginning in late 2009, demand for a new type of property rental agency was reaching new heights and was soon too strong to ignore. Many renters, both Ecuadorian and Foreign, were looking for a professional, competent, and full time rental company. Cuenca Condos was founded to help individuals who share these desires find the quality rentals they need at great prices.

At Cuenca Condos we believe that our clients deserve to find the rental of their dreams without the fear of having to pay the “Gringo Price”. We work hard to negotiate the best prices for our clients and unlike others we have the experience, skills, and desire to look out for your interests.

Cuenca Condos is the rental agency that both Ecuadorians and English speaking foreigners seek to work with due to its fair prices and competent bilingual staff. This puts us in the unique position to provide valuable services to our clients effectively and with the integrity which the market demands. We take pride in our ability to offer some of the finest rentals in the city, and we think you will find them to be nicely priced for their location and amenities. Furthermore, because we service Ecuadorians and English speaking clients, you will always find the same price on both the English and Spanish sides of our dual-language website.


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10 Responses to About Cuenca Condos

  1. Judy Booth says:

    Benjamin, I noticed there has not been.blog in almost two years. I am still interested in the #0062 listing but your sight does not show if properties are already rented or not and it seems to be the same properties that was there almost two years ago. It would be nice if someone kept up your sight. I would like to know the status of #0062 and am looking for a fully furnished home with a yard and a 5 year lease.

    Thanks, Judy

  2. Gary G Vail says:

    Hello, I’m currently living in Cuenca and looking for a furnished, two bedroom apartment near the Parque Calderón area or something close to Tomebamba. I would prefer a utilities included package.

    Thanks for your help.

    Gary Vail

  3. Frank Thornburg says:

    What is the altitude of Cuenca in feet?

  4. Don Stevens says:

    I am searching for a one year or two year unfurnished condo lease. I plan to live in Cuenca for six to nine months a year. Will most of the leases allow me to sublease during my absence.

  5. Jerry Toth says:

    Under your “store” tab you do not seem to have any DVD’s about Cuenca. Do you have a US shipping point where I might be able to obtain a DVD that describes Cuenca?

  6. Dale Lance says:

    Could you please tell me the terms and fees required for renting a condo thru your company.

    • CCstaff says:


      We do not charge a tour fee for looking at your first few rentals. We work with you before going out to determine what properties will work well for you. In most cases our clients rent one of the first 2 properties we show them. I will be happy to talk to you more over email.


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