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Cuenca Condos is a professional rental agency based in Cuenca, Ecuador. Here will will tell you a little more about us and developments with the company.

Building a New Cuenca

Visitors to Cuenca lately can’t miss all the construction going on around the city. In 2012, Cuenca is spending more than $20 million on infrastructure and road improvements. What’s being done, in a nutshell:

–Nuevas Veredas: This is a project to put down new, smooth, walkable sidewalks along Mariscal Lamar in Centro. It started in May and will continue through the end of the year.

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Real Estate Seminar – Thursday, March 15th

Cuenca’s first of its kind Real Estate seminar will be held at Di Bacco’s Italian restaurant 9-61 Tarqui y Gran Colombia on Thursday, March 15th at 5:20pm.  It will allow you to see behind the curtain and gain some important insights into how things work in Cuenca.

Some of the topics to be covered include:

-The raw truth about titles, title insurance, and home warranties.

-The seven most costly mistakes made by foreign buyers and how to avoid them.

-Four key insights about the local culture that you must have in order to avoid a lot of pain and frustration.

-Two unpleasant surprises that often snare foreign sellers.

By the end of this seminar you will know more about the purchase process than most so called professionals.   At the end there will be a question and answer session so that you can get your specific questions asked.

Speakers will be Michael Berger and Dek Tillett.  RSVP by sending a quick email to

Speaker Information:

Michael Berger:

Michael never imagined that he would ever be a Real Estate agent, nevertheless within a few months of arriving Cuenca he ended up getting into Real Estate due to an unexpected chain of events.  From the very beginning he focused and dedicated himself 100% to learning as much as possible about Ecuador’s systems and laws as they relate to Real Estate.  His commitment to constant and never ending improvement and has been the key to many satisfied clients.  He is married to an Ecuadorian who he met in Cuenca and together they have a baby girl who they hope will some day take over the family business.


Dek Tillett:

Dek fell in love with Cuenca and chose this city as his permanent residence a little over three years ago about the time when he met Michael in Yunguilla. Since then his personal and business investments have expanded to include building and remodeling private homes and condominiums.  His largest project to date has been the Portal Del Ejido condominium building which was completed and sold out last November.  As someone who has bought, remodeled, and built in Ecuador he has a lot a valuable insights and information to share.  We don’t know if Dek will be doing any more building projects in Ecuador but we sure hope so.

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Cuenca Condos Cyber Monday

Hello Everyone,

Christmas is officially here in Cuenca, even though outside it’s sunny and there’s no chance of snow.  The neighbors have their Christmas lights up and the stores are filled with ornaments, Nativity sets, and gifts.  Christmas bazaars are setting up and the local churches are preparing for their annual parades and Christmas pageants.

You can add some Ecuadorian flavor to your own Christmas this year with a visit to our store.  We’ve selected a number of Cuenca and Ecuador related gifts, including books, DVDs, souvenirs, and clothing.

Living happily in Cuenca?  Let your family back home have something symbolic of your new life here in Cuenca and help them understand just why you know Ecuador is right for you.  Guidebooks are great warm-up reading for relatives planning a visit!

Still waiting to make the move?  Check out the guides and DVD’s on Cuenca and Ecuador.  Get a feel for the magic of a new life overseas and learn about the history of your new home.

There are gifts for all ages and something for anyone curious about the attractions, history, and quirks of life here in Ecuador.  Why not take advantage of Cyber Monday and pick something up now?


Happy Holidays,


Cuenca Condos Staff

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Cuenca: Still The Right Choice

As Cuenca celebrates its 3rd year of being International Living’s #1 retirement destination, many prospective residents are asking if Cuenca is still the right choice. Now that it’s such a known destination, wouldn’t it be better to go somewhere else? We don’t think so. Cuenca is popular for a reason, and a life in Cuenca is still the right choice. Here’s why:

1. Cost of Living remains low

Cuenca is a low-cost living environment, especially compared to cities of similar size in other countries. For less than $2,000 per month, you can live in comfort here. You can afford a quality apartment in a good neighborhood, eat out regularly, take part in local entertainment offerings, and see top-notch medical professionals. It’s true that Cuenca isn’t as cheap as it was five years ago, nor is it Ecuador’s cheapest city. However, even accounting for recent price increases on the basic necessities, Cuenca is still very affordable.


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4 Ways A Cuenca Life Saves Your Money

One of the most frequent questions people ask us on their way to Cuenca is “What do I need to spend to live well in Cuenca?”  Today we’re going to look at the question from another angle – what DON’T you need to spend to live well in Cuenca.  Here are four key ways a Cuenca life saves you money:

#1 – Goodbye, Vehicle Expenses!

Most people in Cuenca don’t have a car.  They use taxis or take the bus.  A bus ride is 25 cents – 12 cents if you are a resident certified senior.  Taxis are $1.50 for short rides, and $2 – $3 for longer or rainy day rides.  If you spend more than $100 a month in local transport expenses, you’re really getting around!

Compare that to what you might spend at home.  There’s the cost of filling up the tank, parking fees, and maintenance expenses.  Annual insurance, registration, and vehicles taxes are another pretty penny.  When you move to Cuenca, you can leave those expenses behind for good.


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Rental Demand Continues in Cuenca

Wow. . . This last month has been a bit of a shock to us. We have been busier than expected and even as the show birds head north, rental demand remains hot. We have had record numbers of requests from both new and repeat clients needing our real estate services. While we are not able to take on every client that contacts us (more on that below), we are still helping many people into some of the city’s highest-quality homes.

Our focus on quality helps us shorten the apartment hunt for the clients we are able to help. Finding quality rentals is still possible but even more than in the past, good properties move quickly. It’s the duds that linger, and many people we have spoken to recently know this first hand. Caught in the part time realtor trap, they’ve been shown dozens of sub-par properties. We spoke to a couple the other day who had visited 22(!) unacceptable properties, partially because some realtors will gladly show you properties day in and day out for $10 per hour with no concern about ever finding you the right place. It’s fine if you want a budget real estate tour but awful if you are serious about finding a rental.


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Life In Cash Based Cuenca

One of the more unique daily challenges that our clients face when coming to live in Cuenca is adjusting to life in a cash based society. Most of North America and Europe is a plastic payment society. If you want something, you swipe your card. If you’re old fashioned, you write a check.

In Cuenca, you pay cash.

To be fair, there are a number of restaurants and businesses that take credit cards. Unfortunately, many of them charge an extra fee for this service – it could be anywhere from 3% to 8% of the total bill. This is in addition to any foreign transaction fees that your credit company may be charging you. The net result can be an extra $15 to $25 in fees for every $100 you put on your credit card in Cuenca.


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3 Tips For A Happy Carneval In Cuenca

It’s Carneval time in Cuenca.  Last night’s fireworks show kicked off the peak days of the Carneval season, which ends on Fat Tuesday.  While the word Carneval conjures up images of bikini sambas in Rio de Janeiro or costumed parades through New Orleans, Cuenca celebrates Carneval in its own special way.  Here are three quick tips for getting into the spirit of things and enjoying the Carneval season:

1.  Bring a Baggie. Baggies serve two purposes during Cuenca’s Carneval.  They’re a very useful place to store your cell phone and camera while you’re out and about in Cuenca running your errands or seeing the sights.  They’re also a very useful place to store your own ammunition if you’re embracing the local tradition of throwing water balloons.

In New Orleans, they throw beads.  In Rio, they throw confetti.  In Cuenca, they throw water balloons.  Cars of teenagers will gleefully launch water balloons at you as they drive by, and innocent little children turn into precision bombers dropping plump globes of cold water down on your head.  With your cell phone and other valuables in a Baggie you can laugh it off … or select your own balloon from your Baggie to fight back.


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How To Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating On You In Cuenca

Step 1: Visit a number of websites offering real estate in Cuenca

Step 2: Discover your wife in front of a house pictured on another realtors website

Step 3: Accept this as hard evidence she is cheating on you

Step 4: Get a divorce

Alternatively … realize that some people just can’t keep their hands off a good thing, and have stolen multiple pieces of content from your web page.

Hi there! It’s the Cuenca Condos team here, and as you’ve probably figured out, we’re not being 100% serious with this post. What we are 100% serious about is letting you know that we’ve been finding our content and photos all over the web. These are photos that clearly can’t have been taken by anyone else, since we see ourselves reflected in the mirrors and windows, and the Ecuadorian wife standing outside of the house.

We know that the real estate and rental market in Cuenca is hot. A lot of people want a slice of the business … but they aren’t willing to do the work. It’s easier to steal than to do the right thing, and frankly that’s just sad.

We’re living proof that if you provide an honest, ethical service, you can have a good business here in Cuenca. We know not everyone likes us or agrees with the way we do business. That’s fine. We go to bed each night and sleep soundly, knowing we’ve tried our best to do right by our landlords and tenants in a culture that doesn’t always make it easy.

If you are interested in one of our properties and want to work with us, accept no imitations. Contact us directly:

Benjamin Wheeler-Harsh

Phone: 08 085 0174


Or reach out to us on our Facebook Page and on Twitter.


The Cuenca Condos Team

“Often Imitated, NEVER Duplicated”

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Rent or Buy in Cuenca?

For most of us, deciding to become an expat in Cuenca is an easy choice.  Great prices, nice people, and year round good weather are all things that are hard to resist.  But moving to Cuenca, Ecuador is only the first of many decisions you will face on the way to establishing your new home abroad.  In this article we will discuss one of the most important decisions you will have to make when you arrive in Cuenca:  Rent . . . or Buy?

The real estate market in Cuenca, Ecuador is very different from real estate markets in the United States or Europe.  You must make sure you have a solid game plan in place so you navigate these new waters safely.

Both the rental and for-sale markets have advantages and disadvantages to you as a new arrival.  Let’s consider some of the Pros and Cons:


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