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Building a New Cuenca

Visitors to Cuenca lately can’t miss all the construction going on around the city. In 2012, Cuenca is spending more than $20 million on infrastructure and road improvements. What’s being done, in a nutshell:

–Nuevas Veredas: This is a project to put down new, smooth, walkable sidewalks along Mariscal Lamar in Centro. It started in May and will continue through the end of the year.

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Real Estate Seminar – Thursday, March 15th

Cuenca’s first of its kind Real Estate seminar will be held at Di Bacco’s Italian restaurant 9-61 Tarqui y Gran Colombia on Thursday, March 15th at 5:20pm.  It will allow you to see behind the curtain and gain some important insights into how things work in Cuenca.

Some of the topics to be covered include:

-The raw truth about titles, title insurance, and home warranties.

-The seven most costly mistakes made by foreign buyers and how to avoid them.

-Four key insights about the local culture that you must have in order to avoid a lot of pain and frustration.

-Two unpleasant surprises that often snare foreign sellers.

By the end of this seminar you will know more about the purchase process than most so called professionals.   At the end there will be a question and answer session so that you can get your specific questions asked.

Speakers will be Michael Berger and Dek Tillett.  RSVP by sending a quick email to

Speaker Information:

Michael Berger:

Michael never imagined that he would ever be a Real Estate agent, nevertheless within a few months of arriving Cuenca he ended up getting into Real Estate due to an unexpected chain of events.  From the very beginning he focused and dedicated himself 100% to learning as much as possible about Ecuador’s systems and laws as they relate to Real Estate.  His commitment to constant and never ending improvement and has been the key to many satisfied clients.  He is married to an Ecuadorian who he met in Cuenca and together they have a baby girl who they hope will some day take over the family business.


Dek Tillett:

Dek fell in love with Cuenca and chose this city as his permanent residence a little over three years ago about the time when he met Michael in Yunguilla. Since then his personal and business investments have expanded to include building and remodeling private homes and condominiums.  His largest project to date has been the Portal Del Ejido condominium building which was completed and sold out last November.  As someone who has bought, remodeled, and built in Ecuador he has a lot a valuable insights and information to share.  We don’t know if Dek will be doing any more building projects in Ecuador but we sure hope so.

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