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Tres de Noviembre – Independence of Cuenca

This week you will find Cuenca in the midst of a full week of celebrations.  Many streets and shopping plazas are closed to car traffic and music is being performed around the city from morning to night.  Vendors from all over Ecuador are here in Cuenca to sell crafts and artwork.  Most local business are closed so employees can celebrate with their families.

These “Fiestas de Cuenca” are one of the city’s largest annual festivals.  The main reason for the party is “Tres de Noviembre” or November 3rd, a celebration of the independence of Cuenca from the Spanish.  On November 3rd, 1820, Cuencanos achieved their freedom and so, like each major city in Ecuador, Cuenca celebrates its own independence day in addition to the national independence celebration honoring May 24th, 1822.

As you take it all in, we invite you to enjoy this week of festivities and remember the importance of independence, liberty, and freedom.  Cuencanos celebrate it today, but you can live it everyday in your new life in Ecuador.

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Rental Demand Continues in Cuenca

Wow. . . This last month has been a bit of a shock to us. We have been busier than expected and even as the show birds head north, rental demand remains hot. We have had record numbers of requests from both new and repeat clients needing our real estate services. While we are not able to take on every client that contacts us (more on that below), we are still helping many people into some of the city’s highest-quality homes.

Our focus on quality helps us shorten the apartment hunt for the clients we are able to help. Finding quality rentals is still possible but even more than in the past, good properties move quickly. It’s the duds that linger, and many people we have spoken to recently know this first hand. Caught in the part time realtor trap, they’ve been shown dozens of sub-par properties. We spoke to a couple the other day who had visited 22(!) unacceptable properties, partially because some realtors will gladly show you properties day in and day out for $10 per hour with no concern about ever finding you the right place. It’s fine if you want a budget real estate tour but awful if you are serious about finding a rental.


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Special Update: Medical Care Tour and Luncheon

Dear Cuenca Condos Readers,

While investigating Cuenca’s medical offerings for our series on life in Cuenca, we discovered a special lunch event being held at 12:30 PM on Thursday and Friday of this week that may help you feel more comfortable with using the local hospitals. Both the Thursday and Friday sessions are the same so pick the one that works best for your schedule.

Hospital Del Rio, a newly constructed $45 million dollar facility, is offering a luncheon and tour event for the local expat population. The event offers attendees the chance to tour the facilities and interact with the staff, as well as receive a gift from the hospital.

There is no charge for the event, but reservations are needed. Please call Alexandra Borja, the Hospital del Rio Marketing Manager at 08 489 2254 to make reservations. She speaks English and will be more than happy to help you be a part of the event. Best Regards, Cuenca Condos Staff P.S. Stay tuned to the Cuenca Condos Blog later in the week for coverage of this event and Medical Care in Cuenca.

Best Regards,

Cuenca Condos Staff

P.S.  Stay tuned to the Cuenca Condos Blog later in the week for coverage of this event and Medical Care in Cuenca.

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How to find a rental durring the peak season in Cuenca, Ecuador

The peak season for travelers from the US, Canada, and Europe to Ecuador is on the horizon and as a result it is more difficult than ever to find listings that stay on the market. If you are planning to arrive in the next month or so please contact us in advance so that we can secure a rental for you before you arrive. If you are already here, let us know your requirements and we can do the searching for you.

If you are really serious about getting a good rental this fall in Cuenca, Ecuador you will need to:


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Ecuador Plunged into Chaos? Not Cuenca!

After a day of police protests in Quito and Guayaquil, the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, returned to the Presidential Palace. Already, the country is settling  back into normal activities.

“The Quito airport re-opened overnight, and there was no sign on Quito’s streets Friday morning of the rebellious police who had thrown the country into chaos the previous day,” reports the Associated Press.

Thrown in chaos?  That seems a bit strong.  Based on reports from people on the ground in Quito, most of the city was not affected by the protests.  Many citizens were worried and some began to leave Quito, but once it was realized that the situation was not escalating, people returned and resumed their normal routines.


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Cuenca Remains Quiet As Ecuador Makes Headlines

As you watch the news tonight, the police strike in Ecuador is a leading item.  The staff at Cuenca Condos has already fielded a number of calls to check on us, and we appreciate your concern for our safety.  All we ask is . . . .

. . . please save it for a real emergency.

We don’t want to make light of the national situation, but it is time to point out that nothing is really going on here in Cuenca.  We’re well out of the limelight and well out of the action here.


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Property Management Letter

Hello Friends,

Our last blog article told the story of tenants who were plagued buy maintenance and utility problems in their rental home.  Many of our subscribers were surprised by this struggle and asked us why the property manager did not take charge and resolve these issues.

At first we found this amusing but we soon realized that many new residents and those considering making the move to Cuenca, Ecuador are not aware of this simple fact;  Property managers in Cuenca are a rare breed!  If you are a renter in Cuenca, 90% of the time, the owner of your rental will be the closest thing you have to a property manager.

“So what… can’t I just call the owner?”

You can and should call the owner of your rental or the assigned property manager if you have one but here are some of the problems you might encounter.


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Newsletter September 10th


This week we are featuring a story which exposes some of the problems that can arise if you don’t have a competent rental agency looking out for your interests. This is a “buyer beware” story so please read this post and see how what seemed to be good low cost rental turn out to be a nightmare.

Featured Article

Recently, the staff at Cuenca Condos got the opportunity to help a friend deal with an ongoing water leak in their apartment. A damp wall that had been complained about for months turned out to be the source of both sickness and destroyed plasters. Though not one of our listings, we were happy to help get to the bottom of the issue . . . after four months of fighting with the landlord, it was about time!

Click here to read the full article.

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