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Real life rental horror stories in Cuenca Ecuador. How Cuenca Condos will prevent this from happening to you.

They Went It Alone

Some people we talk to have the mistaken impression that working with a rental agent in Cuenca, Ecuador means that you end up paying a higher price than by working directly with the owner of a property.  Frankly, this is just not true.  The little old Ecuadorian woman who you are sure is nice and trustworthy is just as likely to rip you off as any thief on the streets.

While we can not vouch for other rental agencies or those who dabble in real estate part-time, we can tell you that the most important part of our job is making sure that the prices we offer to our clients are within market norms.

We hate seeing fellow Expats get taken advantage of and this week we saw yet another example of this, which prompted us to write this article.


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Some Cuenca Homes Have Surprises In Their Walls!

Recently, the staff at Cuenca Condos got the opportunity to help a friend deal with an ongoing water leak in their apartment.  A damp wall that had been complained about for months turned out to be the source of both sickness and destroyed plasters.  Though not one of our listings, we were happy to help get to the bottom of the issue . . . after four months of fighting with the landlord, it was about time!

Who knows how long this mold was here?

The truth of the matter is that many “great deals” on rentals in Cuenca are hiding secret problems that will come back to bite you later.  Unless you have worked with a good rental agency in Cuenca, you will be stuck with your “great deal” and leaking water pipes!

Paying for every gallon - Ouch!

Water systems and electrical systems are simply not built to the same standards in Cuenca that you would find in the United States.  This is not to say that there are not good quality apartments in Cuenca – just check our listings – but merely to say that there isn’t a strict building code in place.  This is doubly true for older structures. (more…)

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