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3 Tips For A Happy Carneval In Cuenca

It’s Carneval time in Cuenca.  Last night’s fireworks show kicked off the peak days of the Carneval season, which ends on Fat Tuesday.  While the word Carneval conjures up images of bikini sambas in Rio de Janeiro or costumed parades through New Orleans, Cuenca celebrates Carneval in its own special way.  Here are three quick tips for getting into the spirit of things and enjoying the Carneval season:

1.  Bring a Baggie. Baggies serve two purposes during Cuenca’s Carneval.  They’re a very useful place to store your cell phone and camera while you’re out and about in Cuenca running your errands or seeing the sights.  They’re also a very useful place to store your own ammunition if you’re embracing the local tradition of throwing water balloons.

In New Orleans, they throw beads.  In Rio, they throw confetti.  In Cuenca, they throw water balloons.  Cars of teenagers will gleefully launch water balloons at you as they drive by, and innocent little children turn into precision bombers dropping plump globes of cold water down on your head.  With your cell phone and other valuables in a Baggie you can laugh it off … or select your own balloon from your Baggie to fight back.


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