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Cuenca Condos Rental Newsletter, May 10th 2012, Houses, Apartments, and Condos for Rent

May 10th, 2012
Cuenca Condos Newsletter

We have some really great new properties this week and we hope that you will enjoy the latest virtual tours from Cuenca Condos. We have gotten many good comments on videos from people face to face here in Cuenca, but we would love to hear more from our future Expat friends. Please let us know what you think. We always are looking to improve. As you know, we are on YouTube and Facebook and the connection to social media means that our follower see our posts, comments, virtual tours, and new listings pages before anyone else.

We also have some amazing new rentals that have come in through our Affiliate program. Check the bottom of this email for details about some great properties that could be yours today.


Check out what’s available right now with Cuenca Condos’ virtual tours:

Featured Condo Listing: CR#0101 – Perfectly Located 3 Bedroom Condo – Cuenca, Ecuador

Starting at $450, in a newer building, in a great location, you can’t go wrong with this furnished rental. From this apartment you can walk to Centro in about 10 minutes and you still have the benefit of living in one of Cuenca’s most desirable neighborhoods. This is a hot property at a great value and it will go quickly so contact us today to set up a meeting.


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Settling Into A New Language In Cuenca

One of the first things that many of our clients are interested in finding out more about is learning Spanish in Cuenca.  While there are certainly a number of people in Cuenca who speak some English, Spanish is definitely the dominant language.  At the very least, you need to be able to give directions to taxi drivers, put in your order correctly at a local restaurant, and navigate the local shops and markets.  Learning a few key phrases can also make a huge difference in being able to communicate with your landlord, your neighbors, and your future Cuencano friends.

There are several different approaches to learning Spanish in Cuenca.  You can hope to pick it up as you go through life in the city, do home study with tapes and books, hire a private teacher, or enroll in formal classes.  We’ve tried all four methods, with varying degrees of success.


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New Year, New Life In Cuenca

It’s a time of transition here as the calendar turns over a new year of life in Cuenca.  The town is bustling with new arrivals – snowbirds down for the sun, the curious here for the length of a tourist visa, and a new group of those ready to retire in Cuenca.  Why aren’t you here with us?

Everything that made Cuenca attractive in 2010 is continuing in 2011.  The people in Cuenca are still friendly, the culture is still a rich blend of modern and indigenous, and a comfortable lifestyle is still very affordable.  Cuenca represents a welcoming, accessible, and natural alternative to life in other places.


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How much does it cost to furnish a rental in Cuenca?

A common question we get is, “How much will it cost to furnish a rental in Cuenca?” We hear this constantly from our rental clients, so now we are going to share the answer with everyone. While it may appear to cost a few thousand dollars to purchase furnishings for your rental, the true answer to this question is “Nothing.”

You may find it hard to believe, but buying furniture for your apartment, house, or condo in Cuenca can actually save you tons of money.

Rental prices for unfurnished units can be as much as 50% lower than an equivalent rental that comes fully furnished. Let’s do the math.


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Ecuador Plunged into Chaos? Not Cuenca!

After a day of police protests in Quito and Guayaquil, the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, returned to the Presidential Palace. Already, the country is settling  back into normal activities.

“The Quito airport re-opened overnight, and there was no sign on Quito’s streets Friday morning of the rebellious police who had thrown the country into chaos the previous day,” reports the Associated Press.

Thrown in chaos?  That seems a bit strong.  Based on reports from people on the ground in Quito, most of the city was not affected by the protests.  Many citizens were worried and some began to leave Quito, but once it was realized that the situation was not escalating, people returned and resumed their normal routines.


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Cuenca Remains Quiet As Ecuador Makes Headlines

As you watch the news tonight, the police strike in Ecuador is a leading item.  The staff at Cuenca Condos has already fielded a number of calls to check on us, and we appreciate your concern for our safety.  All we ask is . . . .

. . . please save it for a real emergency.

We don’t want to make light of the national situation, but it is time to point out that nothing is really going on here in Cuenca.  We’re well out of the limelight and well out of the action here.


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