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Cuenca Condos Rental Real Estate newsletter archive – June 26th edition

June 26th, 2012 www.CuencaCondos.com
Cuenca Condos Newsletter

We would like to introduce the new Video Page of our blog which will feature all of the videos and virtual tours that we have been releasing over the last few months. We just have a few up at the momement but we will get them all up there soon so you can browse the videos on the Cuenca Condos Blog as well as our YouTube Channel.

If you would like more information on listing your property with Cuenca Condos please write to benjamin@cuencacondos.com


Check out what’s available right now with Cuenca Condos:

CR#0030: $565/ month – All inclusive – Furnished – Pet Friendly Rental
This apartment has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and the price includes Premium Cable TV, internet, gas, water, and electric. The unit also includes kitchen appliances, stove top, and dishes. The apartment features US style plumbing, centralized gas, and is only one and a half blocks to the Tomebamba river. Only blocks away from great dining options and just a few minutes walk to downtown.

Watch the Virtual Tour
View the Listing Page


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Furnished 3 bedroom Rental – everything included – CR0030


This furnished 3 bedroom apartment includes internet, TV, and utilities for the low price of $565 on a 12 month contract. Just a block from the river and minutes from the historical center this rental is a great value in a newer building in a great location.

Contact Cuenca Condos for more information:


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How To Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating On You In Cuenca

Step 1: Visit a number of websites offering real estate in Cuenca

Step 2: Discover your wife in front of a house pictured on another realtors website

Step 3: Accept this as hard evidence she is cheating on you

Step 4: Get a divorce

Alternatively … realize that some people just can’t keep their hands off a good thing, and have stolen multiple pieces of content from your web page.

Hi there! It’s the Cuenca Condos team here, and as you’ve probably figured out, we’re not being 100% serious with this post. What we are 100% serious about is letting you know that we’ve been finding our content and photos all over the web. These are photos that clearly can’t have been taken by anyone else, since we see ourselves reflected in the mirrors and windows, and the Ecuadorian wife standing outside of the house.

We know that the real estate and rental market in Cuenca is hot. A lot of people want a slice of the business … but they aren’t willing to do the work. It’s easier to steal than to do the right thing, and frankly that’s just sad.

We’re living proof that if you provide an honest, ethical service, you can have a good business here in Cuenca. We know not everyone likes us or agrees with the way we do business. That’s fine. We go to bed each night and sleep soundly, knowing we’ve tried our best to do right by our landlords and tenants in a culture that doesn’t always make it easy.

If you are interested in one of our properties and want to work with us, accept no imitations. Contact us directly:

Benjamin Wheeler-Harsh

Phone: 08 085 0174

Email: benjamin@cuencacondos.com

Or reach out to us on our Facebook Page and on Twitter.


The Cuenca Condos Team

“Often Imitated, NEVER Duplicated”

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