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CR#0095 – Vista Linda – Luxury Condo for Rent in Cuenca Ecuador

$1040 per month including condo fees.  This Luxury Condo features breathtaking views of Cuenca which are unmatched anywhere in the city.  This complex features full time security consisting of 3 guards 24/7.  The building is also just a short walk from Cuenca’s largest Mall (Mall del Rio) and the rest of Cuenca is easily accessible by taxi.  There are few rentals available in Cuenca that will offer such security, exclusivity, quality, and convenience.  Contact us today for more info.


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Cuenca: Still The Right Choice

As Cuenca celebrates its 3rd year of being International Living’s #1 retirement destination, many prospective residents are asking if Cuenca is still the right choice. Now that it’s such a known destination, wouldn’t it be better to go somewhere else? We don’t think so. Cuenca is popular for a reason, and a life in Cuenca is still the right choice. Here’s why:

1. Cost of Living remains low

Cuenca is a low-cost living environment, especially compared to cities of similar size in other countries. For less than $2,000 per month, you can live in comfort here. You can afford a quality apartment in a good neighborhood, eat out regularly, take part in local entertainment offerings, and see top-notch medical professionals. It’s true that Cuenca isn’t as cheap as it was five years ago, nor is it Ecuador’s cheapest city. However, even accounting for recent price increases on the basic necessities, Cuenca is still very affordable.


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Cuenca Life Is Sweet – Single-Origin, Organic Chocolate Sweet

Living in Cuenca brings many lifestyle benefits.  There’s the lower cost of living, the more relaxed atmosphere, and of course, the chocolate.

Chocolate has long been a major force in the Ecuadorian economy.  The industry as a whole is referred to as “cacao” which is the Spanish word for cocoa, the raw material that gets made into chocolate.  At one point in its history, cacao exports accounted for near 80% of Ecuador’s economy, and even today Ecuador is a major cacao producer for the world.


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The Truth About Ecuador’s Two Tsunamis

Cuenca is abuzz today with news of two tsunamis.  One is the freshly incoming set of waves from the earthquake in Japan this morning, and the other has been a simmering wave of incoming expats fanned into a tsunami by the local grapevine.  While both are serious, neither is going to be as big as their hype.

On the true Japanese tsunami warning front, the earthquake in Japan will be affecting Ecuador.  President Correa has issued evacuation notices for the Galapagos Islands, and coastal resident are being urged to seek higher ground in anticipation of heavy waves hitting Ecuador beginning sometime between 5 and 8 pm this evening.  The President’s statement to the nation included a note that nothing may actually happen, but for the next 60 days a state of emergency awareness will be maintained as a preventative measure.


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3 Tips For A Happy Carneval In Cuenca

It’s Carneval time in Cuenca.  Last night’s fireworks show kicked off the peak days of the Carneval season, which ends on Fat Tuesday.  While the word Carneval conjures up images of bikini sambas in Rio de Janeiro or costumed parades through New Orleans, Cuenca celebrates Carneval in its own special way.  Here are three quick tips for getting into the spirit of things and enjoying the Carneval season:

1.  Bring a Baggie. Baggies serve two purposes during Cuenca’s Carneval.  They’re a very useful place to store your cell phone and camera while you’re out and about in Cuenca running your errands or seeing the sights.  They’re also a very useful place to store your own ammunition if you’re embracing the local tradition of throwing water balloons.

In New Orleans, they throw beads.  In Rio, they throw confetti.  In Cuenca, they throw water balloons.  Cars of teenagers will gleefully launch water balloons at you as they drive by, and innocent little children turn into precision bombers dropping plump globes of cold water down on your head.  With your cell phone and other valuables in a Baggie you can laugh it off … or select your own balloon from your Baggie to fight back.


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