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Furnished 3 bedroom Rental – everything included – CR0030


This furnished 3 bedroom apartment includes internet, TV, and utilities for the low price of $565 on a 12 month contract. Just a block from the river and minutes from the historical center this rental is a great value in a newer building in a great location.

Contact Cuenca Condos for more information:


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Cuenca Condos Newsletter- May 22, 2012 – Building a New Cuenca

May 22nd, 2012 www.CuencaCondos.com
Cuenca Condos Newsletter

If you are here in Cuenca, you have certainly seen a lot of construction lately and from the sounds of it, this could be just the begining. Click here to read more about Building a New Cuenca.

We also would like to ask, do you know about our affiliate listing program? Owners and approved agents now have the opportunity to promote their properties using the Cuenca Condos Network. This is allowing us to offer you more quality rentals at any given time. Don’t dismiss these properties just because they don’t have a Virtual Tour or a Cuenca Condos listing page. Some of these properties are truly AMAZING! You can find the affiliate listings at the bottom of each Cuenca Condos Newsletter.


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How to find a rental durring the peak season in Cuenca, Ecuador

The peak season for travelers from the US, Canada, and Europe to Ecuador is on the horizon and as a result it is more difficult than ever to find listings that stay on the market. If you are planning to arrive in the next month or so please contact us in advance so that we can secure a rental for you before you arrive. If you are already here, let us know your requirements and we can do the searching for you.

If you are really serious about getting a good rental this fall in Cuenca, Ecuador you will need to:


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It Was There, But You Missed It

Since we opened the doors of Cuenca Condos, we’ve seen a lot of apartments in Cuenca come and go. The speed that apartments rent here surprises many of our clients coming from the depressed real estate markets of North America. While a good rental listing might be on the market in the States for several weeks, good apartments, condominiums, and houses in Cuenca, Ecuador will be gone in a matter of days or even hours.

We’re really not kidding!

Until this week, our record had been 48 hours.  We had a beautiful three bedroom condo in a newly built, security-controlled building near the University of Cuenca on Remigio Tamariz.  The custom cabinets had recessed lighting, the hardwood floors were newly installed, and each of the two bathrooms was impressively tiled.  Unfurnished, it could have been yours for $350 per month.  But it was someone else’s in less than 48 hours.

That’s okay, you say.  You wanted a furnished place anyway.  You probably checked out listing numbers CR#0013 or CR#0010.  Both were gone in a week.


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Cuenca Condos Property Management Service

Cuenca Condos is responding to a need that is pervasive throughout the rental market in Cuenca, Ecuador.  Many of our clients are requesting a higher level of service than what is generally available and  quality standards that many Ecuadorian owners are not able or willing to provide.

The process of finding a quality condo, apartment, or house can be difficult, so to bring our clients the comfort and quality they deserve, we are announcing our Property management service.

What you get with a Cuenca Condos managed property:


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Some Cuenca Homes Have Surprises In Their Walls!

Recently, the staff at Cuenca Condos got the opportunity to help a friend deal with an ongoing water leak in their apartment.  A damp wall that had been complained about for months turned out to be the source of both sickness and destroyed plasters.  Though not one of our listings, we were happy to help get to the bottom of the issue . . . after four months of fighting with the landlord, it was about time!

Who knows how long this mold was here?

The truth of the matter is that many “great deals” on rentals in Cuenca are hiding secret problems that will come back to bite you later.  Unless you have worked with a good rental agency in Cuenca, you will be stuck with your “great deal” and leaking water pipes!

Paying for every gallon - Ouch!

Water systems and electrical systems are simply not built to the same standards in Cuenca that you would find in the United States.  This is not to say that there are not good quality apartments in Cuenca – just check our listings – but merely to say that there isn’t a strict building code in place.  This is doubly true for older structures. (more…)

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What’s Behind Finding A Great Rental In Cuenca? HARD WORK!

Cuenca rentals have an international reputation for being a good deal.  Thousands of pages have been written for those who want to retire in Cuenca about the affordable housing opportunities here in Ecuador.  However, people arriving in Cuenca now that Cuenca is on the map are finding that apartment prices aren’t on any set system of affordability.

This isn’t to imply that you can no longer find good values on apartment rentals in Cuenca.  We at Cuenca Condos think that we offer our clients excellent value on our apartments in terms of their location, size, and amenities.  Yet do you have any idea how long it has taken us to find our portfolio of quality listings?  Buy one of us a beer sometime and we’ll tell you about it!

The fact of the matter is that you can run all over town  and out of 10 apartments, maybe you will find one that is a great value in a good location with nice furnishings.  It is a little easier to find good unfurnished listings, but we know that many of our first-time clients aren’t necessarily coming to Ecuador with a house full of furniture. (more…)

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