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The Truth About Ecuador’s Two Tsunamis

Cuenca is abuzz today with news of two tsunamis.  One is the freshly incoming set of waves from the earthquake in Japan this morning, and the other has been a simmering wave of incoming expats fanned into a tsunami by the local grapevine.  While both are serious, neither is going to be as big as their hype.

On the true Japanese tsunami warning front, the earthquake in Japan will be affecting Ecuador.  President Correa has issued evacuation notices for the Galapagos Islands, and coastal resident are being urged to seek higher ground in anticipation of heavy waves hitting Ecuador beginning sometime between 5 and 8 pm this evening.  The President’s statement to the nation included a note that nothing may actually happen, but for the next 60 days a state of emergency awareness will be maintained as a preventative measure.


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