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Furnished 3 bedroom Rental – everything included – CR0030


This furnished 3 bedroom apartment includes internet, TV, and utilities for the low price of $565 on a 12 month contract. Just a block from the river and minutes from the historical center this rental is a great value in a newer building in a great location.

Contact Cuenca Condos for more information:


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Think Twice Before Bringing Pets To Cuenca

We vividly remember helping our downstairs neighbor bury his beloved cocker spaniel last year.  The dog had fallen victim to distemper, a common Ecuadorian disease we have almost eradicated in the States.  As a result, the dog hadn’t been vaccinated against distemper and was gone in less than two weeks despite multiple trips to the vet.

Why bring this up?  An increasing number of our clients are telling us they plan to bring their pets with them when they move to Cuenca.  While in the US some 61% of Americans routinely travel with their animals (according to the June edition of Prevention magazine), an international move is just not comparable to a weekend getaway in the States.  Having grown up with animals ourselves, we get why people want to travel with their pets … but we still ask anyone thinking of bringing their pet to Cuenca to think twice before they travel with their beloved cats, dogs, rare birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, or pet rats.  Here’s a short list of why:

Different Pet Culture

Cuencanos have a very different pet culture than what is found in the United States.  There are no city-wide leash laws or PooperScooper rules here.  Pets are rarely spayed or neutered.  Exotic pets are extremely rare, and guinea pigs are a local delicacy.  Unpopular local animals (such as yappy dogs or wandering cats) will be poisoned without regret by the neighbors, even if they are normally kept in private yards.


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How To Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating On You In Cuenca

Step 1: Visit a number of websites offering real estate in Cuenca

Step 2: Discover your wife in front of a house pictured on another realtors website

Step 3: Accept this as hard evidence she is cheating on you

Step 4: Get a divorce

Alternatively … realize that some people just can’t keep their hands off a good thing, and have stolen multiple pieces of content from your web page.

Hi there! It’s the Cuenca Condos team here, and as you’ve probably figured out, we’re not being 100% serious with this post. What we are 100% serious about is letting you know that we’ve been finding our content and photos all over the web. These are photos that clearly can’t have been taken by anyone else, since we see ourselves reflected in the mirrors and windows, and the Ecuadorian wife standing outside of the house.

We know that the real estate and rental market in Cuenca is hot. A lot of people want a slice of the business … but they aren’t willing to do the work. It’s easier to steal than to do the right thing, and frankly that’s just sad.

We’re living proof that if you provide an honest, ethical service, you can have a good business here in Cuenca. We know not everyone likes us or agrees with the way we do business. That’s fine. We go to bed each night and sleep soundly, knowing we’ve tried our best to do right by our landlords and tenants in a culture that doesn’t always make it easy.

If you are interested in one of our properties and want to work with us, accept no imitations. Contact us directly:

Benjamin Wheeler-Harsh

Phone: 08 085 0174

Email: benjamin@cuencacondos.com

Or reach out to us on our Facebook Page and on Twitter.


The Cuenca Condos Team

“Often Imitated, NEVER Duplicated”

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Rent or Buy in Cuenca?

For most of us, deciding to become an expat in Cuenca is an easy choice.  Great prices, nice people, and year round good weather are all things that are hard to resist.  But moving to Cuenca, Ecuador is only the first of many decisions you will face on the way to establishing your new home abroad.  In this article we will discuss one of the most important decisions you will have to make when you arrive in Cuenca:  Rent . . . or Buy?

The real estate market in Cuenca, Ecuador is very different from real estate markets in the United States or Europe.  You must make sure you have a solid game plan in place so you navigate these new waters safely.

Both the rental and for-sale markets have advantages and disadvantages to you as a new arrival.  Let’s consider some of the Pros and Cons:


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How much does it cost to furnish a rental in Cuenca?

A common question we get is, “How much will it cost to furnish a rental in Cuenca?” We hear this constantly from our rental clients, so now we are going to share the answer with everyone. While it may appear to cost a few thousand dollars to purchase furnishings for your rental, the true answer to this question is “Nothing.”

You may find it hard to believe, but buying furniture for your apartment, house, or condo in Cuenca can actually save you tons of money.

Rental prices for unfurnished units can be as much as 50% lower than an equivalent rental that comes fully furnished. Let’s do the math.


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It Was There, But You Missed It

Since we opened the doors of Cuenca Condos, we’ve seen a lot of apartments in Cuenca come and go. The speed that apartments rent here surprises many of our clients coming from the depressed real estate markets of North America. While a good rental listing might be on the market in the States for several weeks, good apartments, condominiums, and houses in Cuenca, Ecuador will be gone in a matter of days or even hours.

We’re really not kidding!

Until this week, our record had been 48 hours.  We had a beautiful three bedroom condo in a newly built, security-controlled building near the University of Cuenca on Remigio Tamariz.  The custom cabinets had recessed lighting, the hardwood floors were newly installed, and each of the two bathrooms was impressively tiled.  Unfurnished, it could have been yours for $350 per month.  But it was someone else’s in less than 48 hours.

That’s okay, you say.  You wanted a furnished place anyway.  You probably checked out listing numbers CR#0013 or CR#0010.  Both were gone in a week.


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Property Management Letter

Hello Friends,

Our last blog article told the story of tenants who were plagued buy maintenance and utility problems in their rental home.  Many of our subscribers were surprised by this struggle and asked us why the property manager did not take charge and resolve these issues.

At first we found this amusing but we soon realized that many new residents and those considering making the move to Cuenca, Ecuador are not aware of this simple fact;  Property managers in Cuenca are a rare breed!  If you are a renter in Cuenca, 90% of the time, the owner of your rental will be the closest thing you have to a property manager.

“So what… can’t I just call the owner?”

You can and should call the owner of your rental or the assigned property manager if you have one but here are some of the problems you might encounter.


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Some Cuenca Homes Have Surprises In Their Walls!

Recently, the staff at Cuenca Condos got the opportunity to help a friend deal with an ongoing water leak in their apartment.  A damp wall that had been complained about for months turned out to be the source of both sickness and destroyed plasters.  Though not one of our listings, we were happy to help get to the bottom of the issue . . . after four months of fighting with the landlord, it was about time!

Who knows how long this mold was here?

The truth of the matter is that many “great deals” on rentals in Cuenca are hiding secret problems that will come back to bite you later.  Unless you have worked with a good rental agency in Cuenca, you will be stuck with your “great deal” and leaking water pipes!

Paying for every gallon - Ouch!

Water systems and electrical systems are simply not built to the same standards in Cuenca that you would find in the United States.  This is not to say that there are not good quality apartments in Cuenca – just check our listings – but merely to say that there isn’t a strict building code in place.  This is doubly true for older structures. (more…)

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What’s Behind Finding A Great Rental In Cuenca? HARD WORK!

Cuenca rentals have an international reputation for being a good deal.  Thousands of pages have been written for those who want to retire in Cuenca about the affordable housing opportunities here in Ecuador.  However, people arriving in Cuenca now that Cuenca is on the map are finding that apartment prices aren’t on any set system of affordability.

This isn’t to imply that you can no longer find good values on apartment rentals in Cuenca.  We at Cuenca Condos think that we offer our clients excellent value on our apartments in terms of their location, size, and amenities.  Yet do you have any idea how long it has taken us to find our portfolio of quality listings?  Buy one of us a beer sometime and we’ll tell you about it!

The fact of the matter is that you can run all over town  and out of 10 apartments, maybe you will find one that is a great value in a good location with nice furnishings.  It is a little easier to find good unfurnished listings, but we know that many of our first-time clients aren’t necessarily coming to Ecuador with a house full of furniture. (more…)

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