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Property Management Services

Cuenca Condos would like the chance to discuss how our agency can help you maintain a NO-hassle and HIGH-income property.

We have been working with Ecuadorian and Expat property owners for many years to help them fill and manage their rental properties.

Many of our clients are not interested in the hassle involved in the day-to-day management of a rental property but don't miss out on all profits. Other owners are unable to perform the tasks needed to have a profitable rental and satisfied tenants due to living most of the year outside of Cuenca. Our system provides both good clients and trusted management staff so that our clients can rest easy knowing we are caring for their properties and watching over their investments.

We do not settle for "good enough" or "local standard" service. We strive to perform at a level that would be expected in any U.S. city.

We have hands-on expertise and up-to-date market data that will help you maximize your rental returns while staying within market norms. This is important because a rental that is improperly priced ( high or low ) can cost you thousands in lost potential revenue each year.

Our expertise and effort is valuable and we do earn a fee for our services however, we are only paid when you are paid by an ongoing stream of satisfied rental clients. We have high occupancy rates and profitable rental relationships with the owners of many properties in Cuenca.

A few Examples of properties we manage are:


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If you would like submit your property for inclusion in Cuenca Condos Property Management program, please use the form below